Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

The pandemic won’t dampen our spirits in the pursuit to connect communities collaboratively forge positive change for women. The theme of International Women’s Day is “Choose to Challenge” and in Compass Group Singapore we believe that challenges push individuals to go beyond their comfort zones to take on new challenges in their daily lives. We aim to build an inclusive workspace that celebrates the success of women’s achievement. It is also important to empower women in every aspect and applaud equality.

The marketing team took this opportunity to organize a two-hour-long fitness workout for women in Compass Group. We kick-started the event through a series of activities, such as “Dog and Bone, What’s my name, and many more.” The workshop teaches attendees the importance of healthy living on how to better understand and appreciate their colleagues.

The workout comprises salsa and aerobics, involving the movement of the entire body from the shoulder, arms, and right down to their feet. the fitness workout allows the attendees to let loose of themselves where they move to the beat of the music. The exercise helps to boost attendee’s confidence in appreciating their body, also imparting confidence, and facilitating the connection between colleagues.