Taste of the World

Covid’19 has halted our travel plans. However, this does not stop us from enjoying various type of cuisine around the world.

Hopped to our “Taste of the World “experience and savor the best cuisine at your workplace. This passport allows you to enjoy a wide array of cuisines around the world without the hassle of going through various medical testing and expensive air tickets.

Let us get excited with January to June specials as we bring you round the world to enjoy a wide array of cuisines. Such as China – Dan Dan La Mian, Sze Chuan Boiled Fish with Potato Noodle and Korean – Roasted Gochujang Chicken with Roasted Vegetables, Kimchi Fried Rice & Fried Chicken Wings and more!

In the coming months, we had also prepared a series of Thai Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine and Taiwan specialities.

Songkran Festive is also known as the Traditional Thailand New Year and is celebrated in the month of April. Songkran is a festive to showcase a bathing ritual where people were to cleanse themselves with water mixed with Thai fragrance on Buddha. People also pour water on the senior Buddhist monks, as it believes to bring them good luck. In conjunction to this festive, we are rolling out “Thai Style Shrimp Paste Fried Rice” and “Pad Thai.” Our Pad Thai is made with slippery noodles, with a hint of signature sweet savoury flavour, slices chicken, sprinkle with peanuts and tang from lime.

Japan is one of the popular Asia country to visit. Have you miss the fragrance of the deep-fried chicken cutlet along the buzzling food street? We got your cravings cover, as we will be serving “Japanese Chicken Cutlet with Curry and Rice” and “Cold Soba with Side Dishes.”

Our Japanese Chicken Cutlet is deep fried in homemade panko breadcrumbs and batter that will leave you yearning for more. Spices are believed to cool you down by making you perspire, as well as stimulating an appetite dulled by the sweltering weather. The quintessential spicy dish in Japan is curry, which is so popular that it’s regarded, along with ramen, as one of the top two national dishes — ahead of sushi and miso soup.

One of the “MUST EAT” when we travel to Taiwan is definitely “Braised Rice Bowl, known as Lu Rou Fan,” and “Mee Sua with Sweet Potato Fries.” These dishes are commonly found at the local eateries. We are taking your taste buds to Taiwan with the classic Braised Rice Bowl, featuring tender braised pork / chicken served with rich and savory gravy, eggs and vegetables over a pipping hot steamed rice. The other comfort food for Taiwanese is Mee Sua. It is a bowl of wheat vermicelli cooked with rich bonito – flavoured thickened soup, served with assorted sides, condiments, and homemade chilli sauce.