Sauces are the pinnacle of a chef’s achievement requiring study and practice to master. A great saucier must have a discriminating palate and the ability to understand how to build depth and harmony into a sauce.

At Compass Group Singapore, we strive to provide consistency in food preparation, at your workplace dining hall because we believe that this is the key to customer satisfaction.

Chef Charlie and his culinary team are determining to ensure consistency is achieved by using the most important tool in our kitchen – the standardized recipe. More simply, a standardized recipe is a complete, specific set of written instructions for cooks to produce consistent, high-quality meals to you every time!

While many of us have been hibernating at home due to the circuit breaker, Chef Charlie wasn’t resting but busily developing various sauces at our central kitchen. Our sauces are the key benefits when using standardized recipes. It produces consistent taste, texture, appearance, nutrient content, which makes an efficient and successful kitchen operation.

Delicious food taste and quality can also lead to increased employee confidence. Don’t all employees want to be proud of the food they serve?

Check our food offer at your workplace and don’t be surprise that you get to savour delicious dishes prepared by our Celebrity Chef Charlie.