Health and Safety Express 健康与安全快报 – November 11月

11 / 2020

November 2020

Pest Control

Pests are attracted to food premises since they are an ideal habitat in which to live and reproduce. Since pests pose a significant health risk, pest control is extremely important. Inadequate control can lead to pest infestation and serious consequences to consumer health.

Besides potential health risks, pest infestation will inevitably lead to significant waste and, therefore, commercial loss. The loss caused by pest infestation of raw materials or the finished product can be large.

And here we are honorable to bring you this month Health & Safety Express – Pest Control

害虫被吸引到食品场所,因为那是害虫生活和繁殖的理想栖息地。 由于害虫构成重大的健康风险,因此害虫管理极为重要。 管理不当会导致有害生物侵扰,并严重危害消费者健康。

除了潜在的健康风险外,有害生物的侵扰还将不可避免地导致大量浪费,并因此造成商业损失。 原料或制成品的有害生物侵扰造成的损失可能很大。

在这里,我们荣幸地为您带来这个月的“健康与安全快报” – 害虫管理

Monthly Message - November

Also bringing you the monthly message from our operation director, Ms. Mandy Kan
这个月也为你带来来自我们营运总监Mandy Kan女士的寄语。

Monthly Message - November