How you ever wonder how much plastic waste has been generated?

It is crucial to protect our environment, as it is the only land, we are living in. One of the key factors in protecting our environment is to reduce waste and moving towards a waste-free behavior.

There has been an increase of waste generated in Singapore.
With the growing amount of waste generated in Singapore, a part of it is attributed to the prevalent use of plastics including single-use plastics (disposables) due to several factors. Examples are convenience, product packaging, prevention of cross-contamination, and more.

In 2019, only 4% of plastic waste is being recycled, according to the data supported by the National Environment Agency. The low recycling rate has resulted in a plastic waste crisis.

Facts: Do you know that plastics waste that ends up in the landfills and ocean take hundreds of years to degrade. Also, there has been a concern raise regarding the toxins it’s released into the environment.

Let’s start playing our part in creating a better world to live in.
The followings are some steps to adopt in reducing plastic waste!

  1. Ditch the plastic bags
    One of the simplest ways to decrease the amount of waste is to “Bring Your Own Bag.” It will be great if all shoppers are using reusable bags while shopping, instead of relying on the supermarket’s plastic bags.
  2. Use reusable containers
    Proper storage of food will help to extend its shelf life, keeping it fresh as long as possible. If you were to buy loose food items from farmer’s market or bulk stores, the reusable container will come in handy for your kitchen.
  3. Stop buying plastic water bottles
    Plastic bottles are huge wastes of material. Get a durable water bottle, it allows you to bring your beverages wherever you want. You will be able to hydrate yourself anywhere, anytime and it is a lot less wasteful
  4. Refuse single-use plastic straws
    Many restaurants, cafes, and bars have been using plastic straws in every drink. We can all start doing our part in reducing plastic waste and protect wildlife by refusing straw, also to substitute plastic straw with other alternative materials. Such as Metal Straws, Bamboo Straws and etc
  5. Avoid disposable items
    Disposable items have been sold to us with a ruse of convenience. However, we have created a lot of waste and mess. Disposability hasn’t added nearly as much convenience as it has cost, both environmentally and economically. Thus, we are all encourage reduce and refuse as many disposable / single-use items.