SAFETY FIRST: Safety and well-being of the community is important.

Measures in place against COVID-19 to ensure clean & safe dining:

Keeping areas more hygienic

– Increased frequency of sanitation measures at all customer touch-points and dining areas (e.g. hand sanitizer at checkout, cashiers to sanitize hands after handling money/card, deep cleaning of dining areas after service)

-Servers are equipped with personal mouth guard & hair net/cap to raise hygiene standards when handling food

-All servers will sanitize/wash hands after each food & transaction handling

-Gloves are worn at all food preparation areas

Keeping community safe

-Ensuring staff are fit for work by taking temperature twice a day. Staff who are unwell will be sent home to rest. -Safe distancing are put in place to reduce risk of transmission at all cafes, canteens, bistro

Keeping employees safe:

– Weekly to daily virus updates & retraining hygiene practices with managers to stay updated and ahead (as part of COVID-19 campaign Compass from 30 Mar)

– Company care pack that includes masks, anti bacterial wipes & hand sanitizers • •